How Double-Glazed Windows Can Improve Your Home

Recently, there have been many technological advancements that can make your home more eco-friendly. These energy-saving additions can drastically change the quality of your home for the better. A double-glazed window is an insulated glass that can reduce the heat transfer inside a space. In other words, double-glazed windows can keep a home’s temperature stabilized. There are several benefits of double glazed windows:

1. Noise reduction


Many people use window glazing when building soundproof rooms. The insulation helps keep unwanted noise out. The window is also significantly thicker, which also helps soundproof rooms.

2. Economically and ecologically friendly


Glazed windows offer many environmentally-friendly properties. Not only is this glass more durable, but it also helps families require less energy in the form of central heating and air. The materials used to create the thicker layers are environmentally-friendly as well. So, using double-glazed windows can save your wallet and the environment!

3. Security


Since this glass is thicker, it’s much more difficult to break. This provides an added sense of security to your home. Also, internal security has benefits such as less risk of sun damage. Objects left by windows such as laptops are less susceptible to damage from UV rays.

4. Maintenance


Double-glazed windows collect less condensation, which therefore makes cleaning them easier. Many people have the misconception that double-glazing makes maintenance harder, but that is the opposite of the truth. Less dust builds up as well, making outdoor window cleaning simple!

5. Appearance


There are many different ways to ensure that double-glazing keeps your home’s original feel. It can also enhance the appearance of your home by making the value seem higher with updated windows. Colour variants are also available to fit your aesthetic choices.

6. Cost

In Melbourne, double-glazed windows typically cost around $1,100 per square foot on average. This depends on who helps with installation as well as your location.

7. History

Windows in the past had only a single layer of glaze. This made it much harder for homes to be properly insulated. Single-glazing also made it harder to soundproof rooms, as the thinness of windows allowed sound to travel more easily. As time continued, double-glazing was developed to counter these issues at an affordable price.

8. Triple-Glazing

Sometimes, homeowners opt for a third layer of glaze on their windows. This is a higher level of insulation that traps even more heat into your home and allows it to circulate more thoroughly. Krypton gas is used to increase the thermal performance of the window. The differences between double and triple glazing stand in their thermal performance. They offer similar benefits at affordable costs, and each one could benefit you differently depending on your specific needs.

Double and triple-glazing the windows in your home can prove to be a simple way to improve your daily life. Many associate home updates with very costly receipts. If money is a concern, don’t worry! Many professionals around Melbourne who can fit your budget and location. This update to your windows can also benefit the environment by reducing your energy used with central air and heat. Additionally, adding double-glaze to your windows can improve your property’s value drastically by making your home more modern in a unique way. Getting a decent night’s sleep in a soundproof bedroom is certainly an added benefit, too!

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