Sparkling water tap commercial- breaking the myths about sparkling water

Most people prefer drinking sparkling water as an alternative to their regular drinking water. They like its refreshing taste and it allows them to feel that familiar bubbly taste without the empty calories. However despite the fact that it is quiet popular there are quiet a few myths surrounding it. Lots of people fear drinking seltzer water because they feel that it would be harmful for their health.

Most of these are just basically rumors. The following would help debunk the myths surrounding it:

Sparkling water is bad for the bones

That has been enough research conducted to see the adverse effects of sparkling water on bone health. It was discovered that sparkling water was a healthier alternative to drinking fizzy drinks. It was free from carbohydrates and sugar. Plus it also contained all the necessary minerals which are important for the bone health. Instead of worrying about its effect on the bone density one can freely indulge in their taste for sparkling water.

It is the presence of phosphorus and caffeine in the sugar drinks which lead to reduced bone density. Since sparkling water doesn’t contain any of the above ingredients it can safely be assumed that it doesn’t have any adverse effect on your health.

Sparkling water erodes the tooth enamel

The bubbles present in the sparkling water are present because of the addition of carbon dioxide under pressure. It is assumed that the carbon dioxide breaks down in the mouth and becomes carbonic acid. People consider that this would be the culprit which wears out the enamel. However it is a known fact that carbonic acid is quiet weak. Any sparkling water which is devoid of flavors is a good choice and is not harmful for the teeth. According to a dentistry professor at the University of Birmingham you need to be drinking sparkling water for a very long time in order for it to cause problems for the tooth enamel.

For an average individual, drinking sparkling water does not present any health problems and is certainly not the main cavity causing factor.

Sparkling water can cause stomach problems

People suffering from irritable bowel syndrome might need to avoid drinking carbonated water. It might trigger their symptoms. However if you do not suffer from the above mentioned stomach problems you can definitely indulge in your taste for sparkling water.

Also sparkling water is just as hydrating as regular water because at the end of the day it is still water. Drinking any kind of water is better than indulging in fizzy soft drinks. There is a study which proves that people who drink sparkling water at home and in their offices end up consuming a whole lot more water than people who don’t.

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