Why sandstone tiles has become the preferred flooring option for homes

There’s nothing new about sandstone. This natural stone has always been the preferred choice of commercial structures for fence posts, pillars, arches, doors, panelling, and a lot more.

It’s only lately that homeowners have seen the multiple advantages of using sandstone tiles for flooring. While sandstone tiles have been used as flooring in times past, it is only today that homeowners have made it their preferred flooring option.

The Advantages of Sandstone Tiles Flooring

The numerous benefits provided by sandstone tiles have made it one of the most popular flooring options in various homes today. Here’s why:

Naturally eco- friendly

Mother Nature is the creator of sandstone. This means that it’s a natural material that can be recycled. The biodegradable quality of sandstone tiles allows homeowners to create an eco-friendly environment as much as possible. Being eco-friendly is one of the contributing factors in making sandstone tiles one of the preferred flooring options for residences today.

Naturally beautiful

The general conception about sandstone tiles is that it is only available in a wide range of gold, browns, pinks, or whites. On the contrary, sandstone tiles offer a broad spectrum of detailed banding and striking neutral colours. The wide availability of styles and colours in sandstone tiles is one of the reasons for its popularity with homeowners, designers, and architects. With sandstone tiles, designing options for homes are endless.

Naturally provides unique patterns and textures

Other than the stunning range of colours, sandstone tiles also provide a wide choice of unique textures, hues, and patterns. Each single sandstone tile presents a unique colour, pattern, and texture when refined from giant slabs in quarries. The random and unique design provided by every sandstone tile means that no two are alike.

Naturally strong

Sandstone is a material that is naturally strong and durable. The toughness of the stone is credited to its natural state as it’s quarried from the cores of various mountains. The natural durability of sandstone tiles guarantees its longevity over the years. While other natural stone materials such as slate or granite are tougher, sandstone tiles still provide homeowners opportunities the financial freedom in future expensive replacements or repairs.

Easily replaced

Sandstone tiles can crack even when they are naturally tough and durable. A heavy object dropped on the tiles can cause it to crack. However, removing and replacing a sandstone tile is fairly easy. All a homeowner needs to do is to simply remove the cracked tile and replace it with a new one. This is the reason why manufacturers of sandstone tiles always recommend homeowners to store spare tiles. Having spare sandstone tiles easily remedies cracked and stained tiles in a jiffy.

Naturally suits all seasons

Other than providing aesthetic appeal to any home, using sandstone tiles for flooring also helps to maintain cool temperatures during the summer. In the same manner, the tiles release much-needed warmth during the cold winter months.

Low maintenance

Minimum maintenance is needed to keep the tiles looking good as new. This is probably one of the top reasons for homeowners to choose sandstone tiles for flooring.

The distinctive style provided by sandstone tiles easily makes it the preferred flooring for many homeowners. Additionally, the tough, easy to replace, and maintain qualities of sandstone tiles make it the top material to install in homes and commercial structures.

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