Tough and Hardy Hybrid Flooring

Australian weather can be harsh on the floors of homes. The combination of cold, heat, and water elements can damage any type of floors.

The creation of tough and hardy hybrid flooring provides the perfect antidote and protection from extreme cold, heat, and moisture. Best of all, hybrid flooring is not only confined to your living room or bedroom. The resilient and versatile floors can be used for any interior space, from laundries, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Hybrid flooring offers the perfect flooring demand for homes and offices. They are tough and hardy to bear even the heaviest foot traffic in a home or office. Hybrid flooring is a technology that’s meant to make life easier and convenient in the home or office.


Amazing benefits gained from hybrid flooring


Hybrid flooring has been found to provide astounding stability even in most extreme weather conditions. The floors show minimal contraction and expansion in rapid changes of temperature making them ideal for both home and office.

Other amazing benefits gained from hybrid flooring include:


Non-toxic floor option

Some types of floors contain toxic elements that can compromise the health of a family. The 100% ortho-phthalate-free element of hybrid flooring makes it the safest option for the whole family to live on.


Pet-friendly floor

Pets are important members of the family. A floor that can handle muddy prints of paws minus the stress and hassle of cleaning is the one to go for. Hybrid flooring shows this resiliency, making them the most pet-friendly type of floor to have in the home.


Highly resistant to impacts

We can’t help it. There will be times when we drop things or an object thrown accidentally on the floor. The deep indentation marks on the floor are the end result of heavy object impacts. The hybrid flooring has been found to be highly resistant to anything thrown at it minus the deep indentation marks.


Waterproof qualities

The 100% waterproof qualities of hybrid flooring give it versatility unmatched by other types of flooring. This means that the floor can be installed in all home interiors from kitchens, bathrooms, and laundries. No need to use different flooring with hybrid flooring that proves resistant to almost all kinds of household spills.


Low maintenance

The matte finish and protective coating of hybrid flooring make it easy to clean and maintain. Wet mop cleaning can also be done without worrying about floor contraction or expansion.


Footfall sound reduction

Hybrid flooring reduces footfall sound. It is also a more comfortable and softer kind of flooring for walking barefoot.


Scratch and stain-proof

Wear and tear is expected from floors over the years. Hybrid flooring is hardy and tough flooring that has proven resistant to scratch and stains. The wear layer protection of the flooring makes it durable and resilient against wear and tear.


Adaptable with floor heating

Up to 27 degrees subfloor temperature can compatibly work with hybrid flooring. This means having an adaptable flooring to withstand floor heating needed during colder climates and weather.


Stunning designs

The use of various wood species native to Australia in hybrid flooring designs creates a stunning effect to any home and office. The authenticity of the wide and long planks will look incredible in any room or all interiors of an office or home.

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