Why a Building and Pest Inspection in Gold Coast is Necessary

Building and pest inspections are a kind of pre purchase building inspection. During the inspection the inspector may uncover any sort of cultural defect or problems within the interior and external structure of the building. While there are some indications of structural damage like a damp patch, cracks in the walls and roofs which are faulty, often enough the damage is not so apparent and requires a deeper look. This is why you hire an expert building inspector.

Inspecting a property can aware the buyer about the presence of termites in the building and allow them to take the necessary steps before moving in. Once termite damage is exposed, buyers can ask their sellers to rectify the problem before they actually make a purchase. It’s in the benefit of the buyer to be aware of structural defects beforehand only. Damage is not only caused by termites but a number of other pests as well.

This in turn can help save thousands of dollars in cash. Imagine having to pay for a building which is totally infested with termites and would require a great deal of structural repair and maintenance. After all you are ready spending so much buying the building you wouldn’t want to be surprised by additional repair costs.

This information can come in handy when it comes to negotiating a lower price. The seller would definitely want to make a sale and might be tempted to sell the building at a lower cost just to avoid the maintenance issues.

While the building inspector has to submit a report regarding the current condition of the building and the presence of any sort of pests, it doesn’t contain the following:

  • An estimate regarding the cost of the repairs or the maintenance.
  • Information on certain parts of the property which weren’t inspected due to any reason.
  • There is no report on the plumbing and drainage systems within the building
  • No reports on electrical wiring and cabling

A building and pest inspection is likely to cover issues related to pest infestations and structural damage due to infestation. For all other issues like plumbing and cabling you would need to hire a building inspector for a separate building inspection.

Building inspections can cost quite a few hundred dollars. However, if you combine a building and pest inspection you may be able to save some handy cash. You may even consider having another property inspected while you are still in the buying process.

Inspections are usually arranged before any exchange of cash or signing of the contracts takes place. Property inspections before any formal exchange of cash is important because it can allow the buyer to back off if they think there is too much repair required for a particular building.

Always hire a building and pest inspector who is reliable and trustworthy. Make sure you go through all the ads regarding building inspection Gold Coast. Short list three or four companies and then make a choice baed on who is best suitable for you.

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